Tuesday, March 26, 2019


The lovely team at Kaya Skin Clinic invited me in the Summer to experience their Aqua Radiance facial, at that time due to my back issues I couldn't make it but I did manage to catch up with them earlier this week at their Town Centre branch in Jumeirah.

I have to be totally honest and confess I have never had a facial before, I have had many offers passed my way to experience a facial but I have turned them down, why did I choose Kaya for my first experience? Quite simply because they have an excellent reputation when it comes to skin care and I had been recommended to try them many times over the years by friends.

I chose Town Centre for my experience, easy to get to and there is basement parking. I arrived at the clinic a bit early which was perfect as it gave me time to fill in their customer profile paperwork. Once that was done I had a consultation with Dr Sonia, a qualified Skin and Beauty Advisor. After sticking my face into a rather weird but technical machine we had a discussion about my skin, and skin care.

Then it was onto the actual facial itself with the lovely Beauty Therapist Imam. The Aqua Radiance facial uses a fine spray of water infused with oxygen that gently massages your face to exfoliate off layers of dead skin, leaving your skin able to breathe. After the actual aqua experience, which is a little bit weird it kind of tickles, Imam covered my face in a fabulous vitamin rich cream which we let "set" for 15 minutes before peeling it off. Afterwards I could see a visible difference to my skin, it felt alot smoother and brighter than it did before.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Kaya Skin Clinic, the reputation they have acquired over the last 7 years is well deserved. The team working at Town Centre, I found to be efficient and professional, I think that may well be down to the organisational skills of the Receptionist Joan. I have uploaded some pictures which you can find here(like the page please).

The cost of an Aqua Radiance Facial is 600 Dhs, if you book 4 it is 2040 Dhs.

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