Tuesday, March 26, 2019


The United Arab Emirates is hardly famous for its standard of reporting, I think that is one comment we can definitely all agree on. I am not saying that there aren't some good journalists out there, they just seem to be few and far between.

For years we subscribed to Gulf News, why? because everyone did and you got a free pen when you renewed your subscription. Everyone moaned about it but everyone still subscribed for the free annual gift. The content was poor at the best of times, and it got to the point that I only ever read the tabloid to see if I recgonised anyone I knew. We stopped it about 5 years ago. Did I miss it? no.

We then went down The National route, definitely a better paper with English Speaking reporters, we subscribed for a year I think, and didn't bother to renew as it was just as easy to read it on line for free or via links on Twitter and Facebook.

So for the last three years we haven't had a daily newspaper, we did get a copy of 7days thrown on our front lawn a couple of times then that stopped as well. The only reason that paper is free is that no one in their right mind would actually pay for it.

Last week I subscribed to the Sunday Times Middle East, it's superb!! no drivel about expats crashing cars and moaning about the lack of imported products in their local Spinneys. Just a great read, and I haven't found one spelling mistake yet!! (that was one of my hobbies when we received local newspapers). So for 12 dhs a week I am having the Sunday Times delivered to my door, in a cellophane cover so not covered in sand!!

I strongly recommend you do the same, you can subscribe via this link.

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