Monday, March 25, 2019


The lovely people over at Nescafe asked me if I would very kindly try out their new Coffee machine the Dolce Gusto, I immediately said yes. Before I start let me just say that I gave up on coffee over three years ago only having the occasional overpriced cappucino with friends out of habit more than out of actually wanting one. However Santa very kindly delivered a fantastic Nespresso machine to my husband at Christmas and my taste for coffee became re-ignited, not alot but it was brought back from the brink of extinction!!!

Getting back to the Dolce Gusto, it arrived last week, all packaged beautifully, including a copy of my twitter time line on the box and boxes of coffee with suggestions of people from twitter who I could share a coffee with, media genuises this lot I tell you!! and for those of you who still don't rate twitter and the power of it think again. This campaign has been engineered through twitter and trust me it has created alot of talk about the Dolce Gusto.

First impressions of this amazing machine? small, neat, functional, pretty even, nice colour though personally I would have preferred pink but I am guessing globally that wouldn't have been a best seller so the universally loved red it is. Getting it out the box was easy, understanding the instructions not quite as easy but we got there eventually and the one word that came straight to mind when I sipped a cappucino was IMPRESSED, I was even MORE IMPRESSED when I tried the chocochino, and speechless when I came to the Iced Cappucino (which I think is my favourite).

Being so impressed I thought I better get the GA Support Team in to see what they all thought and a Nescafe Coffee morning was quickly pulled together, everyone was keen to try it out so much so that I have ran out of the original sample boxes. The only worry between the team was how many calories they were drinking, quite a normal reaction for a bunch of 40 somethings all having mid life weight issues. It didn't stop them from trying it though. Nescafe have since told me that there is a Skinny Latte option but it is not currently available in the UAE, but in time it will come. I have put some photos up on my facebook page for you all to see, click and like if you wish.

The word Nespresso is one you associate with a luxury brand, whilst the word Nescafe is to my mind a cheap cup of coffee that is well known right around the globe. People were commenting on twitter saying, that anything that had come from Nescafe and was out of a machine could not be good. Trust me they are very very wrong. The coffee that comes from the Dolce Gusto is better, in my opinion than the coffee that comes from my Nespresso machine. The biggest plus point with the Dolce Gusto is that it comes with milk capsules so basically you don't have to worry about having milk in the house to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Well I think you pretty much get the message, so if you want one of your own you better take yourselves off to Carrefour ASAP where you can purchase the one I have for

749 dhs, and boxes of coffee are 31.50 dhs a box (8 cups for milky coffee, 16 cups for espressos etc). Don't forget to pick up a box of the chococino as well, the

kids will love you for it!!

Dolce Gusto really is a sweet taste ....

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