Monday, March 25, 2019


A couple of weeks ago whilst tuned into Dubai Eye my interest was heightened when I heard that the gentlemen guest on the show as infact a Trichologist. I have always had an interest in hair and hair products and I think it's fair to say we waste a fair amount of money on product that really doesn't give us any results.

Anyway I wrote down the name of the guy on the radio, I like him straight away and knew he has was new to Dubai as he was telling the truth, in that kind of straight way new people do, not telling people what they think you want to hear which is so Dubai these days. I contacted the straight talker himself and later that week went down to the Hair Spa to meet him.

Now firstly I didn't know The Hair Spa existed and secondly I had no idea that you could get things like non surgical hair transplants done in Dubai, well you can and the people you need to see are Mr Shebani and Mr Ryan (the new straight talker) from the Hair Spa. They cover everything hair related from loss, to alopecia, thinning, baldness, you name it if you have any problems with your hair they are the folk to see.

We had a great chat about hair and about how we can look after our hair and scalps. It doesn't matter what hair type you have you are never happy with it are you? curlies want straight, straights want curls!! This week I am visitingthe Hair Spafor an assessment so I will update you with what condition my hair is actually in a bit later this week!! I have uploaded some pics to my facebook page which you can find here.

If you are interested in booking a consultation about any hair related issues, you will be pleased to know that the initial consultation is just 200 dhs, which I am ashamed to admit is about the same amount of money that I recently spent on shampoo and conditioner!!

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