Monday, February 18, 2019


Well it would be if I was actually suffering from hair loss! Yesterday I went back to the Hair Spa to experience a consultation and treatment to stimulate hair growth, The Geordie One came along as she gets rather excited about anything relating to hair and being touched, more of that later. My original article can be found here.

Firstly we filled in an extensive questionnaire about ourselves, this covered our current/previous state of health and a bit about our diet, our diet can affect hair growth/loss extensively. We were then taken into see Mike Ryan aka @Dubaihairdoctor (yes he has a twitter account), he ran through our histories and we discussed at length how hair actually grows and what can affect hair loss. It's not as straight forward as you may think as many things contribute to a healthy head of hair.

After this it was into the hotseat to check our scalps and the condition of our hair with a tiny machine which magnifies the area onto a small VDU. It's amazing you can actually see the hair follicles with the hairs and the condition of our scalps. We both had chlorine on our scalps due the water but all in all we are both in tip top condition apart from the grey hairs! There are some photos which can be found here, (don't forget to like my page).

We then wentonto havea hair treatment to stimulate our hair follicles, followed by a massage, a session under the steamer then 5 minutes under a lazer to stimulate growth. If you did have hair loss issues this would be a regular weekly treatment, the duration determined by Mike in relation to the severity of your problem. Personally I hate being pampered but The Geordie One was in her element, I can see her going back even though there is nothing wrong with her!! or just to check out Mr Sheybani, might be worth adding that these hair doctor folk are rather handsome.

The services offered at the Hair Spa are so extensive I am not even going to start listing them, the way forward is a Consultation with Mike Ryan who in his no nonsense way of Trichology will get you back on track to a healthy head of hair, and for those of you who are a bit self conscious all consultations and treatments are 100% confidential.


(this is a pic of me after my treatment)

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