Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Last weekend we stayed at Le Meridien Al Aqah for the weekend, you can find the article here. I didn't get time to write about the glorious restaurants though so here it is, food @ Al Aqah.

We arrived just in time for lunch and Mitten was keen to swim so we headed for Baywatch Village which is a rather quant beach bar right in the centre of the pool area and gardens. I ordered my favourite salad ever Prawn and Avocado and the husband opted for one of his favourites, fish and chips. The food seemed to appear in minutes and was really good, the Nile Perch was cooked to perfection with a good crispy batter. It was here that we met The Italian One (Boss Chef) who was to come a real big part of our weekend, and after a quick chat about what I like I was told that I would be dining at Gonu that very evening and that he would personally oversee that I got yet another seafood kick. When I am out and about I tend to opt for seafood as I am basically useless at cooking it at home.

That evening, we headed back down to the beach area to meet The Italian One and have our Gonu Experience. Gonu is a small Bar/Restaurant right on the beach, with a sea view table we were in our element. We had a Seafood Platter for two, with grilled vegetables and steak fries. It was absolutely superb, if you ever or I should say when you visit Le Meridien Al Aqah you have got to try Gonu. Gonu was built after Cyclone Gonu hit the East Coast in 2007, if I remember rightly Gonu was the brain child of The French One. My husband said it was the best steak he had in a long long time, and he likes his steaks cooked to perfection. The Lobster was so fresh I think it had just walked up from the beach. Following that we were served with Ginger Creme Brulee, georgous, but don't worry Team Al Maha you are still the winners of Best Creme Brulee in the UAE.

That was our first days dining experience we shall now move onto day two. Breakfast is served in Taste if you are staying in a Club Room which we were but I still opted to try the busier Views Restaurant, located on the lower ground floor of the hotel. We would save our Taste Breakfast experience until the following day. There was a great selection of food, typical of most 5 star hotels in the UAE, I am not a great one for a big breakfast so I opted for eggs and toast. Mitten was somewhat disappointed as there was no chocolate fountain, the worrying thing about that is if The Italian One had known that he would have found her one!!

Later that morning Chef Bybee came to find us by the pool and took us on a tour of his amazing kitchens, I am getting rather into these Hotel Kitchens these days!! so much hussle and bussle and creativity going on, I was particularly amused by the guy who was carving huge polystyrene Easter Eggs for the forthcoming Easter Weekend. I would like to personally thank Chef Bybee and the rest of his team for being so welcoming during our time at the Hotel.

Before we knew it was lunchtime and Chef Bybee came up trumps with some King Prawns and Mahi Mahi with vegetables, served in Sapore. Sapore is a small Italian Restaurant at the Pool Side, beautiful decor and fabulous bread! all baked in-house. The fish, and prawns were superb, the butter orange sauce was what made it so special though! Following this we had a chocolate and vanilla layer cake with raspberry coulis, divine.

Now you would think that we couldn't possibly eat any more food but we did, we managed a very small afternoon tea in the Club Lounge, beautiful tiny scones with clotted cream and a nice pot of coffee, with a sea view too!! beautiful.

That evening, and by this point in time I am really struggling! more food! yes more food, this time it was time to try out Taste, the Hotel's Thai Restaurant. We met the lovely lady Chef who I am guessing we should call The Thai One, she personally prepared me a half portion of crispy duck and my husband had the Masaman Chicken Curry. I love Crispy Duck, who doesn't! It was fabulous, really tasty, moist and well seasoned.

Day two over and now onto our last day and we returned to Taste to experience the A La Carte breakfast menu, Eggs Benedict for me and Chilli Omelette for the husband, he had to get more chilli's but I know for a fact that they will remember the next time and put loads in so that he ends up in a sweat!!

Well that was our dining experience at Le Meridien Al Aqah, a very very fine one at that. If you want to see some photos you can them by clicking here, and if you so wish you can like my page too.

(I would like to add that we left the Hotel and didn't eat another thing until the following morning!!)

Thanks again to Team Al Aqah


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