Tuesday, March 26, 2019


This weekend, after a wait of about eight years we managed to stay at Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa for the very first time, it certainly will not be the last. It is the most amazing place and I truly hope that everyone has the opportunity to visit Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa at least once in their lifetime.

We arrived at the resort slightly earlier than check-in for two reasons; I was too excited to get there and I was dying to see Team Al Maha again, nothing to do with the Jumbo Prawns that I knew were going to be on the lunch menu, that I also knew I was going to order. We arrived at the main gate of the resort where Desert Ranger Kathryn met us and transported us to the main hotel. It's about a 10 minute drive through the desert dunes, Kathryn told us all about the resort and told us that Maretha was actually our appointed guide, we met her when we got to the Hotel. Checking in is a very simple affair which involves a bit of paperwork, iced towels and two very lovely fruit cocktails. After checking in we headed down the Al Diwaan Restaurant. I will write about the food at Al Maha in a separate article. After a fabulous lunch it was time for our Guest Relations Manager Myat to show us to our Bedouin Suite all 75 square metres of it! I have posted some pictures here as my description won't do it justice.

The Suites are just amazing, each suite has its own infinity pool, none of the suites are overlooked so you have total privacy, we had a few Oryx that kept popping their nose in for a quick peak, and a really pretty little Gazelle nearly came up to the pool for some water. You can handle intruders like that any day of week!! Suffice to the say the rooms are the ultimate in luxury and you find photo's here, along with information about all the facilities in the rooms, check this link.

After a few hours of sitting around doing nothing I decided we ought to really get ourselves out and about and explore the Resort, so following a quick shower in the biggest shower cubicle in the world, and a quick call to reception we were in a Land Cruiser with Kathryn and heading into the Dunes for the Wildlife Drive, absolutely superb!! so informative, we saw some fabulous Oryx, the views were stunning and the driving in the dunes, though scary (wimp), I have to admit was brilliant. Did you know that Al Maha Reservation is actually 225 square kilometres? that is 1/5 th of the total land in the Emirate of Dubai!

We got back to the hotel just in time to meet up with Maretha to be driven into the desert again, (I was too scared to do the camel ride), to see the sunset Al Maha style, that's with a glass or two of ice cold champagne!! Absolutely spectacular and if you do visit Al Maha I can strongly recommend you do this activity. You can do two activies per day that you are resident in the Resort, more information about the activities can be found here.

We were very lucky to have Maretha as our Ranger as she very kindly took us to see the Falcons after the Sundowner experience, I met an Owl, an Eagle and various Falcons, Maretha has a very loud Falcon that she takes care off, I pretty sure it's a Geordie really.

After an amazing nights sleep in what felt like the biggest bed in the world, with the softest pillows known to man, we were up and out an about again, this time we headed to Timeless Spa, I am not a great one for Spa's but do appreciate their beauty, I have taken plenty of photo's which you can find here. The main pool for resort is also at Timeless Spa but I guess most people use their private pool.

Eventually our stay came to an end and Maretha came to collect us and drive us back to the main gate where we picked up my Pajero and headed back to Dubai Town, as we drove back I wondered how long it would be before I heard the birds breaking the morning sun, or for that matter when I would see the team at Al Maha again, I know it won't be long.

This one is for Chef David, Chef Sebby, Vivek, Thaya, Sateesh, Myat, Kathryn, Maretha, Aaron, Hussein, Irfan, Radi and the rest of the Team at Al Maha who made our visit so special. We WILL be back!

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