Monday, March 25, 2019


Well it's a Marmite thing isn't it, you either love it or loathe it. For me it was both!! Joined and loathed it, then took a bit of time out to figure out exactly how it works and now I wouldn't be without it. Twitter, like House of Colour changed my life for the better in the last 18 months. Following joining twitter I have so many new and exciting people in my life. I have met people from all different nationalities, gone on tweet ups, held people's hands, supported them when they were down! I have even met a group of people who all love that wonderful show Benidorm, and we are scattered all around the world, but you know what? they are my friends, they are the lovely cyberfolk who are there when I want to express how much I love Jake Canuso (barman in Benidorm), who I incidentally follow on Twitter.

Contrary to popular belief Twitter isn't all about people using their status updates with drivel like "just eaten toast" (though I have done that a few times when I was talking to @marmiteman). Twitter is fast and if there is anything going on in the world you will hear about it first on Twitter. Remember the plane crash earlier in the year, well news of that broke on Twitter before the newspapers or any news wires in the region. Twitter has made the world a smaller and more easier place to navigate.

I follow my fair share of celebrities too, why not! peep into someone elses life every so often, it's not doing any harm to anyone they know the rules of twitter, if you tweet it then it's out there in the public domain for all to see. I still get a little kick if I get a reply from a celeb, but that's just me, but I will never forget the one I got from Russell Brand saying I LOVE GEORDIE ARMANI, must hunt that out as I took a screen shot of it I was so happy. Little things eh!! on that note my child needs feeding.


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