Tuesday, March 26, 2019


"Feline friends is a non-profit organization and a member of WSPA (World Society for Protection of Animals. Staffed and run by volunteers Feline Friends strive to bring relief and care to the feral/stray, domestic and feline population in the UAE"

Put into my words, Feline Friends are the Angels of the Cat World!! and what an amazing job they do here in the UAE with no government backing at all, Feline relies soley on the kindness of the population of the UAE, which I would imagine is predominantly the expatriate population.

I have five wonderful feline babies in my house, and I wouldn't be without them!! the husband says he would quite happily give them away but I beg to differ. Mitten has nearly always had a kitten in her life, and her cat, Radley Cat absolutely adores her, they have just been playing babies, with Radley flat on his back in the mini Silver Cross pram!!

Have a heart and adopt a cat from Feline Friends, they have loads of older cats who have been abandoned due to the recession, and trust me an older cat is no bother whatsoever.

www.felinefriendsdubai.com or call their help line on 050 4510058 to find out about future adoption days and fundraisers in your area

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