Monday, March 25, 2019


I get alot of questions about how exactly House of Colour (HOC) determine which season of the year you are. I thought now would be as good a time as any to explain things in a bit more depth.

When you arrive at HOC The Colour Queen has a chat with you about your lifestyle and what you need/expect out of your wardrobe, and your expectations from the analysis. Women are asked to remove their make up and also to cover their hair, as the analysis can be affected if it is not done on your natural skin colour and in natural light. First of all we need to determine if your skin has a yellow base or a blue base tone to it. This is done using a series of scarves, some are yellow based colours, some are blue based. The scarves, when wrong for your skin tone will show imperfections, aging, shadows, pale natural lip colour and various other slight imperfections which in time directs us to which skin tone it is you have.

Once it is determined what skin tone you have we then go on to determine which season you are. If you have a yellow toned skin base you will either suit the soft muted colours of Autumn or the clearer brighter colours of Spring. If you have a blue tone skin base then you will either suit the softer colours of Summer (which I am), or the brighter cleaner cut colours of Winter.

Now that it is decided which season you are the analysis starts in earnest and each colour in your palette is graded into percentages that are suitable for your skin tone. For example 100% means you can wear it head to toe, 50% just as a top/skirt/trousers. During the analysis The Colour Queen gives tips on which colours to use for certain occasions, so handy if you are planning on being a bride or attending a special event.

The analaysis for women includes make up, and hair colour advice as well. The men obviously don't need make up (smiles) and more often than not their hair colour is their natural colour and hence the colour analysis for men is slightly cheaper than it is for women.

Hope you found this information helpful when deciding whether to come to House of Colour for an analysis in the future. It is a decision you won't regret, a gift that lasts a lifetime!

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