Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Taste Buds

It's Friday, the day we meet up with my Dad and have lunch somewhere nice, or not so nice as it happened today. We went over to Festival Centre totry out the much raved about Outback. The menu isn't bad, with a reasonable selection and variety of dishes though nothing particularly jumps out at you. I ordered the calamari, wasn't good I am afraid and I sent it back, in all fairness they did deduct this from the bill.

The burgers were nothing out of the ordinary but my Brother in Law said that his fish and chips were good. The kids meals were just that, kids meals, my daughter had Mac n Cheese which was basically pasta in that horrible squirty plastic cheese you get at the cinema's here. We were expecting real cheese at least.

The service was very good and the waitress we had was more than attentive, however I can't see us returning it just didn't hit all the right buttons. There are so many outlets here nowin this vain, American/Diner type which we normally avoid, we tried this place as it is Australian and thought it might offer something different in terms of concept, sadly disappointed.

Anyway there's always next week!!


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