Monday, March 25, 2019

Taste Buds

Following my experience at the SPICE media lunch I have a renewed appetite for trying new cuisines. For months and months I have driven past a Korean Restaurant in Al Barsha and wondered what their food was like. Yesterday family GA went along to experience Koreana.

The first thing that I noticed on entering Koreana was how bare it seemed, most restaurants here are amazingly well fitted with massive attention paid to interior design. Koreana I rather suspect is typical of a traditional Korean restaurant, with its small dining areas and wooden tables. I loved the fact the plates didn't match, it was all rather quirky and I felt I wasn't only experiencing Korean food but the authenticity of a Korean restaurant too.

Obviously we didn't have the faintest idea what to order but that wasn't a problem, the Owner spotted us and came over to help us choose, we left it very much in her capable hands. We started off with four small dishes, which is known as Panjang, they were potato, egg plant, kimchi and salad. Koreana also offers an extensive Japanese menu, another cuisine I am yet to try, I have to say the menu looked very interesting!

The two main courses that were chosen for us were Bulgoki and Buldal (I apologise if these aren't correct as the bill isn't too clear). The Bulgoki was cooked at our table which was rather different. It is a beef dish, they call it Korean BBQ but it was more of a stir fry in my eyes. The beef was shredded and spiced and cooked in stock, and was served in lettuce wraps with garlic and chilli. Very tasty and a different dining experience.

The Buldal was a chicken dish served on a bed of mozarella cheese, a rich dish of diced chicken in chilli and garlic and no doubt countless other spices that I have never heard of, it was very tasty and had a bit of a kick to it.

The meal was finished off with a complimentary slice of watermelon and orange, which was lovely and refreshing.

All in all we enjoyed the Koreana experience and with a final bill of 153 dhs we can't complain about the price. You can find Koreana in Al Barsha, the best way I can describe it's location is near the Ibis Hotel and the new Al Zahra hospital that is still being built.

I have uploaded some pics onto the Facebook page which you can find here.


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