Tuesday, March 26, 2019


The Twitterati will all understand where I am coming from with this one. I joined Twitter just under two years ago and thought I had joined an alien planet inhabited by people with very strange user names, I was a Twitter Virgin, I had managed to set up an account and create my profile then I had to find people to follow. Of course I had read in the press about the celebrities who had twitter accounts so I hit the search button and started to follow the likes of Stephen Fry, Philip Schofield, Russell Brand (of course) and then I took a look at International News Sites, after all Twitter is the first place for the news to break. I found a few Dubai based friends who were on Twitter, a local journalist who shall rename nameless however was the account that I *hacked*, and followed the same followers that he was following in order to get things going, and in return they followed me. Talk about pressure! people were following me which meant they wanted to hear what I had to say. I didn't turn into the "link Queen" or the "Quotes are us Queen", I just tweeted about things that I found interesting and over time built up on line relationships with like minded people.

The big question I find, and am sure alot of people who are regular users of Twitter struggle with is who do you follow back? I check who is following me about once a week, click on their profile, see a few of their tweets then decide if I want to follow them or not. One thing I have found disappointing recently though is that so many people fail to put a decent profile up about themselves, why should I follow someone who has spent less than 10 seconds on their profile? are they going to be interesting to interact with? who knows?

There is a fabulous application available called Manager Flitter, it basically tells you who has not returned a follow, who hasn't tweeted in a long while, which accounts are inactive etc. I use it regularly to have a little clear out of Tweeters who are not playing ball any longer. I am currently very happy with my Twitter account and unlike facebook you can bin people without causing any real offense, or sometimes without them even knowing.

So Twitterati, little question for you all, tweet me @geordiearmani the name of the Journalist who helped me, unwittingly, create a nice little Twitter account for myself.

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