Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Maid in Heaven .. without prejudice

Probably the most talked about subject in the UAE, to do or not to do, or more importantly how to do? I shall make it quite clear before I continue writing, that having a Maid is down to the individual person/family and it is their personal decision to do so.

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a re-make of a British Drama called Upstairs Downstairs, a drama about the life of the "staff" downstairs and the "we are too posh to polish a shoe brigade" upstairs (great drama by the way). It got me thinking about how attitudes in Britain have changed over the last century. At one time, any decent family was appalled not to have staff, and were judged on how many staff they had. A Cook, Butler, Driver, Scullery Maid, Lady in Waiting, we could go on and on, were all common place in any household of standing. Fast forward 100 hundred years and yes, things have changed a lot in the UK; however, here in the UAE some households seem to think they are indeed entitled to Staff. Now I didn't say they aren't, but let's just take a look at the situation a bit closer ....

Firstly, I think we need to look at how much you need a Maid, really. Now if you are both in full time work and have a family, it can be tough running a home; so most, including myself, will have no issue with you having a bit of help around the house. However, rewind 30 years and think about your close family relatives; did any of them have a full time live in Maid? I can't remember any of mine having one; yes, all my Aunts and Uncles managed to work full time and raise kids and believe it or not they did their ironing too.

Today I am going to take a look at the Mum who doesn't work, but still has a full time live in maid. What does she do with her time? never mind her ... what does the Maid do with her time? I don't work and I honestly couldn't clean a house for 8 hours a day, takes me an hour at most to keep on top of things (I do have a cleaner, more about that later). I would feel guilty employing someone on a full time basis who would be bored senseless and end up going bonkers and leave my employ with OCD!! So we have some of these ladies about town and they justify their Maid whim with that old corker ... "we don't have family here", if you did would you ask them to do all your washing and ironing? fill your dishwasher? polish your shoes? No, you would ask them to take your kids overnight, or out for the day, but you wouldn't ask them to spring clean your home on a daily basis.

Many years ago, I had a Maid who lived with us. She didn't work for us full time but did come in a few times a week. That was in the days when you could have a Maid who was on someone else's visa without ending up in jail. The best thing for us about having "Mary" was that we could go on holiday and leave our cats with her, knowing they were being well cared for. I am sure we were not alone as a family when it comes to pets and holidays; we haven't had a holiday together since we moved from Satwa, down to the fact we can't afford the Cattery.

A question asked today on a certain forum is "Do you have more than one Maid?" *GA Faints*

to be continued ....

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