Monday, March 25, 2019


Another hot topic which is on the lips of every good Mother in the UAE is of course Education. That old chestnut, that can on occasion break friendships and I am pretty sure ruins a good coffee morning too!! Now whilst I totally agree with Education I don't feel that I place too much pressure on Mitten to succeed. In my eyes she is a success already, and always will be. I didn't cry when I was told she had failed an entrance exam when she was 4, because she couldn't read, course she couldn't, she was only 4 years old.

I remember being told when she was about 3, by another Mother that her son would do better in life than Mitten because he went to a better school. I hope I bump into her when our children are in their 20's, will be interesting to see how they have both turned out. I think my daughter, with a Mother who is realistic about her potential will have a daughter who has respect for herself and achieves what she desires through self motivation.

Education along with Maids is a hot topic in the UAE, for me however I am just grateful I have a beautiful daughter, who attends a super school, she is a happy well balanced kid who enjoys her school days very much. Long may she have that memory I say.

Just remember it doesn't matter what your kids achieve in life, a Mother's love is unconditional, and I for one will love Mitten just as much if she fails an educational task as I do when she achieves one. What is important is that we have our children and they are fit and healthy and enjoying their lives.

Think about it ...

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