Tuesday, March 26, 2019


My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding opened an array of feelings and emotions in my mind. To watch a group of teenagers dressed as tarts, waiting to be courted from a distance whilst dancing like Jordan on crack really does baffle me. It's entertaining and shameful at the same time. The men appear from a distance to be in awe of the female, she is like a Madonna to them, she in turn adorns herself as someone to be desired by the male. Worryingly this starts at a very young age and episode two showed us a behind the scenes party for two six year olds who had taken their Holy Communion. The poor children, armed with bruises from carrying their 5 stone dresses around all day, stripped down and turned into mini Lady Gaga's to party the night away. Provocative dancing, tons of flesh on show and enough make up to sink the Chanel counter in Debenhams. One poor freckled little thing had even been dragged off and had a fake tan for the occasion.

As for the Brides, well they only have a few big days in their lives. Once they are married it's off to Butlins to live for the rest of their lives. The only big occasions afforded to them in the future is becoming a Mother, hopefully to a daughter who they can raise to be firstly humiliated at Holy Communion into wearing a dress that one can only be described as a wedding cake made out of satin, and then later a completely over the top wedding for their young teenage daughter who is wedded off to the bed of a man so she can have a piss up and clean all the copper on show for the rest of her life.

We all have our cultures and beliefs, we all celebrate them in different ways. I think the Gypsy way of life does have alot of positives though. They are a very small knit community who support each other immensely and yet have come across over the years as being good for nothings who have lived off the land and not contributed to the Economy. I am pretty that was the way 50 years ago but things have changed and Travellers now are becoming more static, when they can that is. Part two shared with us the plight of a community who had been evicted from their land and had nowhere to go. What I found sad about that was if they had just arrived on a plane, claiming Political Asylum they would have been housed, educated and given a few quid to help them along their way.

To be continued ....

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