Monday, March 25, 2019


Today is the last day at my look at Gypsy Weddings, but I don't for one minute think it will be the last time I discuss it with friends.

One thing I don't understand and is something that I really can't answer, is where do they get the money from to fund these weddings? The Daily Mail reported over the weekend that a wedding can cost in the region of 150,000 stirling, I read through their itemised list and have to say that I would think 50,000 stirling would be closer the mark. The main expense is obviously the dress and the hooker outfits for the bridesmaids. Transport to the Church, but not the wedding celebrations afterwards as they seem to be hosted at the local British Legion club, with finger food and cheap disco lights.

We hear very little from the male Gypsy population in this documentary and I really do hope that Channel 4 follow it up with a closer look at Gypsy life from a male angle. The only men we got to see, and they weren't really men, they were boys who were being prepared like lambs to the slaughter to wed their wives. Spotty faced and anxious the biggest thing on their list was finding a nice little caravan for the Mrs, filled with plenty of vodka, domestos and feather dusters. I guess they all silently pray they will not Father 6 girls as well!

It did make me think, that I got married in a big frock, I adore bling, have just bought Lady Gaga's album, have copious amounts of vodka in the house, and have a weird fascination for cleaning products ....

Hope you have enjoyed my view on Gypsy life as much as I have enjoyed watching the show.

Gypsy Armani

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