Monday, March 25, 2019


It was BBC3 this week that brought along my weekly dose of reality TV that I love, in the form of a documentary called A Dangerous Place to Meet my Family.

Dean, a young Yemeni Muslim born and raised in the UK by his British born Father and Yemeni Born Mother returns to Yemen to meet his relatives. Growing up in Sheffield as a Muslim he yearned to feel the culture of the Country he felt was his home and that in his words would be the place where he would die.

Arriving in Yemen he was shocked to see the poverty on the streets but embraced his trip with an open heart. The reunion with his Grandmother was a tearful one. As the family sat around sharing food and memories Dean came to learn that his Grandmother had given birth to his Mother at the age of 11, having being married off at the age of 10. He hears of another girl who is still in her teens who was forced into marriage by her Father, due a tiny debt. Dean, in his words is disgusted to see that people allow what isclearlychild abuse in the UK to happen in Yemen and wrap it up in the word Culture. His cousin tells him that it is a woman's place to be at home cooking and running a home and proudly lords his demands over his older Sisters who dutifully obey his every word. Dean laughs it off saying his Sister wouldn't put up with it and that men should have more respect for women, and should be treat as equals.

His 5 week trip passes over with various incidents which feel alien to the British Born Yemeni and he eventually returns to Sheffield to be reunited with his family. Tears all round and a hug for his Mum and Sister, then the statment that I am sure many viewers weren't expecting .... I am British and I am proud of it.

Dean you rocked!

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