Monday, March 25, 2019


Last week a friend of mine who is gay, whohowever is very single and happy to stay that way, was quite happily minding his own business in town. He had been out to celebrate a friend's graduation at a local nightspot. He left at a reasonable hour and was minding his own business waiting in line for a taxi to head home. At this point verbal abuse was shouted in his direction, derogatory about his sexual orientation. He walked away and tried to hail a taxi away from the nightspot. Sadly he was unable to flag a taxi down and was brutally assaulted, I have seen his facial injuries and I can only describe them as being "horrific".

Sadly my friend recognised one of the assailants but was unable to report him to the Authorities due to the harsh Anti-Homosexuality Laws that prevail in the UAE. I think it is safe to say that we are all aware of the Laws relating to sexual orientation in the UAE, however we all know that there are many gay people living here. That doesn't mean that they are practising gay sex.

Being gay is not a crime and people should NEVER be judged on their sexual orientation regardless of the situation. It is so sad that my friend felt unable to seek medical treatment or report this crime to the Police due to the Laws of the Land.

All I can say is a massive thank you to the taxi driver who saw him being beaten and stopped, got him into the car and took him back to his home, if he hadn't my friend may well not have been here today.

Isn't it about time that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation is accepted into Society, here and in the rest of the World? Are people in this day and age so ignorant that they don't understand that being born gay is congenital?

What I find interesting is the fact that many a Superstar has graced our shores, and their sexuality has been more than well documented in the UK, yet they are not arrested on arrival and are even allowed to book hotel rooms with their partners. Makes you think doesn't it?

*shakes head*

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