Monday, March 25, 2019


A few weeks ago I wrote about the Laws of the land and being safe whilst living in the UAE. Here is the link for that article for those of you didn't see it the first time ...

In that article I mentioned how Danielle Lloyd had visited Dubai for a short break and I commented on the fact that she was pregnant and single and hoped and prayed she wouldn't need the services of a hospital whilst she was here as she may find herself in a bit of trouble. I found out a few days ago that sadly she did need the services of a hospital but she was thankfully back in the UK. She and her baby are both safe and well.


Earlier today I wrote about my friend who is gay, and was beaten up because of his sexuality. Today on twitter it has been brought to my attention on more than one occasion that people feel there is one rule for the Western and Localresidents and another one for the Asian residents of Dubai. I think, and have always felt that this is the case. How often do we hear of gay celebrities visiting the UAE? and how often are single pregnant stars visiting the UAE? Would a male Asian guy arrested for displaying affection at his male partner receive the same sentance as say Elton John and David Furnish? who incidently are actually "married". I am guessing the answer to that would be a resounding no.

Whatever we think or feel, we are guests in this Country, a Country that I have come to love very much over the years. I am proud to say that I witnessed the growth of Dubai through my own eyes, not through jealous documentary makers who are quick to condemn and criticise. I have always respected the Laws and taken time to try and understand them as best I can.

Stick to the rules and you will all be safe in the Land of Sand, however bizarre those rules may sound, they are the law of the land ....

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