Monday, March 25, 2019


No it isn't fair and isn't lovely in my book, it's downright racist and demeaning to those of us who are not "white'. How on earth in this day and age can people feel that being white gives them a hand in life?

For me it doesn't make a blind bit of difference and products like this are just encouraging racism. I watched a series of adverts for Fair and Lovely on youtube, each and every single one of them pertains to achieving success if you are white or light skinned. We all know that sales of Fair and Lovely are massive in Asia and maybe it is the mindset that being born Asian is not as priveleged as being born "white" and doesn't afford you the rights that others achieve due to their Nationality? I wonder if President Obama uses Fair and Lovely? course he doesn't, he knows that he is not being judged on his colour, however many did during his election though were reluctant to admit it. There were plenty of reports about him being American's first Black President, personally I didn't see what the colour of his skin had to do with his professional capability or success as the Nations Leader.

Here in the UAE racisim is rife and has become a daily routine for most Aisan's residing here. Recently my friend Shelina wrote on her blog at her disgust that a local celebrity magazine had printed pictures of the guests at a recent Royal Wedding event, all of them being "white". Were there no Asian people at this event? well the magazine in question would like to think so, shame on them.

Dubai is a multicultural hot tub of so many nationalities, I wouldn't know where to start with listing them. One thing we must all be is tolerant, we mustn't judge someone because of the Country they hail from, but from their values as a person. Each and every person in this world is special, God made each and everyone of us that way, regardless of which God you are following.

Anway I think that would be Fair and very Lovely unlike that horrid bleaching cream!!


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