Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I recently watched a documentary about the fattest man in Britain, at the beginning of the programme they claimed he weighed in at a massive life threatening 70 stone, however it was later revealed that he weighed 57 stone (still life threatening!). As I sat down to watch it I was thinking in my mind I have no pitty for people who let themselves get into a state like this, blah blah. However, on watching it my opinion did change and I began to realise that like some drug addicts and alcoholics he had no control over his eating no matter how hard he tried to control it. These documentaries beg many different questions, where did he get the money from? why did he let himself get into that state? why are the Social Services letting him eat his way to an early death?

I imagine alot of these questions will never be answered but what we can safely say as that National Health Service can see that he will be a bigger burden financially to the State if the surgery he sought when he was just 20 stone is not given to him now at 57 stone. Britain is in the grip of an obesity crisis with over 15 million people who are officially obese.

Paul Mason the "victim" in this documentary claims that the loss of his job, girlfriend and his Father dying, lead him on to a path of over indulgence for the past ten years. As his Surgeon prepares him for gastric bypass surgery, he tells Paul he may well not get through the surgery and has a high chance of dying during the procedure, he still goes ahead with the surgery. Paul is 48 years old and has not left his home in ten years, relies solely on his carers who are with him 12 hours a day, they are the people who really know the man behind the "body" and have nothing but respect for him. I have to say he comes across as a very nice chap who I feel has probably been let down in the past by the NHS who really should have intervened before he had become such a financial burden on Society.

After various obstacles are overcome Paul undergoes the gastric bypass surgery and successfully manages to lose 19 stone, as a result of this he is able to use a specially adapted wheel chair, and no longer has carers attending to him 12 hours a day. He is more independent and I hope he achieves his aim of living a mobile life outside the four walls of his bedroom.

His Surgeon, Shaw Summers says "No one wakes up one morning and thinks, you know what I want to be fat, they all have a reason, normally a deep seated Psychological reason"

I am sure there are plenty of you out there reading this thinking, he has no one to blame but himself. I say "there for the grace of God go I"


Paul Mason

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