Monday, March 25, 2019


We all have our favourite station here in Dubai, over the years we have all jumped from one channel to the other as the stations presenters move about to get a better deal on air. My love affair with two certain hosts started some ten years ago when I tuned into a new station called Channel 4 and heard a voice I was sure I recognised from the UK, I was right, it was the dulcid tones of none other than Rick Houghton who had done a stint at Metro Radio in Newcastle, and had moved to Dubai in about 2000 (approx). Later Rick teamed up with Daniel Thompson where they co hosted the breakfast show on Channel 4, in my opinion the best breakfast show that has ever aired in Dubai. This dynamic duo stole the hearts of local English radio listeners, sadly it didn't last forever and Rick returned to the UK, he came back for a brief spell but is now happily persuing his career in the UK (well his FB page looks that way). Another big personality that I met at about the same time was none other than Mr Chris Fisher, I honestly can't remember if he was with 92 at this time or Channel 4 (I did mention they move about alot!). Chris and I are still friends even though he left Dubai after losing his job during the recession, he is now happily settled in Muscat and will be lauching is brand new breakfast show just as soon as he gets the go ahead from the Government of Oman.

These days I still tune in to Dan Thompson on iMorning Zoo (Channel 4), but I have to be totally honest when I say it is not the same without his side kick Ricardo. I can't remember exactly when, but the ARN group launched Dubai 103.8 and talk radio was born for the first time in the UAE, I was a regular listener and still listen to Dubai Today with Jessica Swann, especially on Tuesdays when she is joined by the amazing Alexander McNabb (more on him another day). Other days from 10 til 2 pm UAE time, if I am at home are spent with the biggest radio influence of my life, Tony Horne, and his Newcastle based show Tony Horne in the Morning, (as I write this Tony has just given me a shout out). Tony has mastered that mix of being able to just about step over the line on air, but not quite! Not only is he a great radio host but he is a pretty good writer too, and I am currently reading two of his books. You don't have to be from the North East, he isn't, to enjoy his show.

Anyway whichever shows you listen to, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Happy listening


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