Tuesday, March 26, 2019


My Daily Rant is yes, you got it, kids not being strapped in!

Not the first time I have had a rant and rave about this particular subject and it seems to be one that is close to everyones hearts. Why oh why do people not protect their children when out in their cars? I honestly have no idea how women can put their kids in such unnecessary risk. Many a conversation has been had on Facebook and Twitter about these idiots who quite merrily strap themselves in then leave their kids bobbing about in the back. I had a chat with Hinge about it and we have come to the conclusion that half of these idiots pack their groceries better than they secure their kids into their cars. You can see it now can't you, oh Mr Sanjeev please don't leave my eggs lose in my Choithrams bag, pack them securely as Sir doesn't like his eggs smashed!!! (not bothered about his kids but as long as his omelette is ok!)

Anyway I have come to the conclusion that is nothing to do with education HOWEVER I do have the utmost respect for one expat, Lesley Cully who started a facebook fan page a few months ago, called Buckle up in the back Dubai, she has successfully managed to get a few local Companies to support her campaign; Move One Locations, Greco, Aquanet, Tickles and Giggles, DubaiKids and DuMaSafe. Lesley has been approaching schools appealing for them to campaign on Road Safety, giving up her spare time to so. I would like to say a personal well done to you Lesley and wish you all the success with your campaign in the future.

Find the link to Lesley's FB page below:


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