Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Today I was listening to Dubai Today on 103.8 fm with Alexander McNabb and Suzanne Radford, great show by the way, a definate one for the weekly diary. Tuesday is Techno Tuesday, hence Chief Geek and the Head Unorganiser of Geekfest is the co-host. Today amongst various issues discussed was Facebook; the good old facebook status and the impact it can have should someone you have has a facebook friend has passed away.

This subject has been on my mind for some time as sadly I now have two friends who have passed away who are both still on my facebook friends list. Neither of their facebook status's have been unpdated in some time and it makes me think is it time for me to "remove" them as friends? I think that is the problem, the word "remove" it really isn't the right word under the circumstances is it? I won't see status updates for these people unless someone else in their family has access to their facebook page anyway, and comments from others I don't seen unless I physically go and check the page. What to do? Many will never "remove" a friend who is no longer with us from their facebook a they just don't feel it is right.

Today however, after listening to the show I checked into facebook and saw that a friend of mine who lost his Son three years ago was posting about the three year anniversary of his loss which is tomorrow, he put up a link for a site that he has used to set up a memorial in honour of his Son, which I have posted below.

The family of another friend who was killed in a tragic accident last year set up a Memorial Group on FB in honour of their Son, which I do visit regularly, I am sure this group is a big comfort to his family.

The question is do I need to have them on my facebook page to remember them? the answer to that I am still trying to decide, I know deep down inside that when the time is right I will remove them from my page, but I will never remove them from my heart ... RIP


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