Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I will never forget the chaos that ensued on the roads in Dubai in July 2007 when SALIK was launched. SALIK is the Road Toll System that operates in Dubai. At that time we were living in TECOM and everyone and their Granny was trying to avoid the SALIK toll that wasoutside Mall of the Emirates. Thankfully it was during the summerwhen itlaunched, I dread to think the chaos it would have course had it been during term time!

Let me firstly say that I have no issues whatsoever with SALIK and bought my tag immediately. However, I do like to play a little game just between myself and my tag to see how long I can actually make 50 dhs last!! Fortunately where I live means I don't have to pass throughiton a daily basis which I am sure saves me a fortune! At the beginning of January I had 58 Dirhams on my SALIK tag, let's see how long I can get that to last!!

Recently there was a competition on Dubai 92 to name movies that were similar to Hollywood Blockbusters but based in Dubai, my favourite was WHEN HARRY MET SALIK

Happy Motoring!

source: http://www.salik.ae/

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